An assistant manager is a member of non-playing staff, employed by a club or national team. Teams can have several assistant managers at once but it is usual to employ just one. Some managers choose not to have an assistant at all. Assistant managers are chosen by the manager.


An assistant manager performs several duties for the team.

  • He is a member of the coaching staff and is involved in training players, in the same way as other coaches.
  • He gives opinions on various players at certain times (e.g. when a player wins a Man of the Match award.
  • He can take control of a club's secondary teams (such as the B team or Under 19 teams.
  • He can take control of the first team for friendly matches.
  • He takes control of all first team duties when a manager is on holiday .
  • He acts as caretaker manager when the club has no official manager (e.g. when the manager is sacked or resigns from the club).
  • He can provide a report on the first team, showing which players he think should be in the first eleven, as well as some other information.
  • He can filter the player search list, removing players that he thinks would not join the club. This saves the manager wasting time trying to sign players that are unwilling to join.