Football Manager is a series of football management computer games that was started in 1982 by Kevin Toms. Toms first developed Football Manager for the ZX81 and Spectrum 48K. The game was a hit and spawned several sequels, including Football Manager 2 (1988), Football Manager: World Cup Edition (1990) and Football Manager 3 (1993). Football Manager 3 was the first game in the series not to be designed by Kevin Toms and this may have been the reason it was so poorly received. This saw the series come to end - for a few years at least.

In 2004, after splitting from long-time publishers Eidos, London based developers Sports Interactive bought the rights to the Football Manager name and the series was re-awakened for the PC age.

There have since been several versions of Football Manager released across many formats by Sports Interactive and Sega.

Below is a list of all Football Manager games to date:

1Release on 14th November 2008


Game C64 ZX81 Amiga
Football Manager Yes Yes Yes
Football Manager 2 Yes No Yes

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