Football Manager Wiki

There is a feature of Football Manager (from FM2008 onwards) that gives you a chance of appearing the game as a chairman. All it really means is that if a certain club gets taken over by a new chairman, that new man might have your name (or whatever name you specify). An example of this command is shown below:

"BOARD_TAKEOVER" "Tommy" "" "Cooper" "24.06.1945" "England" "Aston Villa" "England" "" "T.C. Entertainment Ltd"

From left to right the attributes mean the following:

  • Name of the command
  • First name
  • Common name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth (using the format DD.MM.YYYY)
  • Nationality
  • Favourite club (the club to become chairman of)
  • Favourite nation (the nation of the chosen club)
  • Chairman number (not used, so always leave blank)
  • Company name (the name of the company to be used if the club is taken over by a PLC, consortium or trust)

The above example would create an English chairman called Tommy Cooper, born on June 24, 1945. He would take over at Aston Villa in England and his company would be called T.C. Entertainment Ltd (if applicable).

If the favourite club attribute is left blank, then a random club will be assigned from the favourite nation that is chosen.