FMH was first released on 13 April 2006 on the PSP. This was Sports Interactive's first ever game for a handheld console.

It was designed to be a separate game and play somewhat differently to the PC/Mac versions of the game due to the different nature of the handheld consoles. The game was designed to be more similar in feel and play to earlier Sports Interactive products - being much faster in nature, while retaining the feeling of being a realistic simulation.

In April 2010 the game became available on the iOS products. The iOS version of the game is very different in nature to that on the PSP and it contains a wholly new UI because of the touch screen nature of those devices.

In April 2012 the game was also made available on Android devices. The Android version of the game is very similar in nature to the iOS version.

Below is a list of leagues that are playable within FMH 2014.