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Football Manager Live is an upcoming game from Sports Interactive and a spin-off to the Football Manager series. It will be a "massively-multiplayer online" (MMO) game; the first of it's kind from Sports Interactive. The game was announced on April 20, 2007 and is due to be released in March 2008 and will be entering it beta testing stage very soon. It will is being developed by Sports Interactive and will be published by Sega Europe.

Little is known about the game currently, but more information is sure to be released as beta testing gets under way. The only information currently available is what was given at the press conference and what is available from the game's official website.

Confirmed details

  • You build your own club from scratch (rather than taking over an existing club)
  • Mini-leagues can be set up between friends - as well as the regular league system
  • Players are bought and sold using an "eBay-style" auction system
  • Games can be played at any time - no need to wait around for other players
  • Games can be auto-played if you are not around to guide your team
  • The familiar match engine from the standard games will be used
  • There is an in-game chat feature during matches
  • Other managers can watch your matches while you play

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