A penalty shootout is a tiebreaker used to decide cup matches. It is used as a last resort when a match is still drawn after using the away goals rule and/or playing extra time.


  • In a penalty shootout, each team nominated 5 players to take a penalty.
  • Each team takes turns at taking a penalty against the opposition goalkeeper.
  • If the scores are level after 5 penalties each, then sudden death is used.
  • In sudden death, one player from each team is chosen to take a penalty.
  • If one player scores and the other misses, the shootout is over.
  • If both player score (or both miss) the scores are still level so another round of sudden death takes place.
  • Sudden death continues until a winner is found.
  • If all available players (including goalkeepers, but not substitutes or players removed from the game) have taken a penalty, the first penalty-taker must shoot again - then the second as so on.